Sonnenuntergang in der Vorstadt / Sundown In The Suburbs

Was wir uns vorstellen können, was wir uns nicht vorstellen können, was wir uns nicht vorstellen wollen, was wir uns vorstellen, weil wir wollen … / What we can imagine, what we can’t imagine, what we don’t want to imagine, what we imagine because we want to …

© Silvia Springer

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  1. Your suburbs have SO much more character than mine…..

    1. diespringerin sagt:

      Vienna is an old city, grown and melting together …. and struggling with the same problems like everywhere … sometimes being grey and dull and sometimes sparkling like champagne … cheers!

      1. Yeah. Our suburbs are all spanking new and made of cardboard and fueled by rampant consumerism…… ;-)

      2. diespringerin sagt:

        But you’re there, too. And others like you. Fill the roads with your spirit … :) … that’s what you do with every step you take …

      3. Ah–I only work there. I live in the city proper, but I hope I imbue some spirit with my camera perhaps, and maybe my words–poems are forming….

        But it really does feel a rather spiritually sterile place. All the houses are BIG but made of cardboard. And nothing much (construction-wise) was built before the 1980s. Are you familiar with the term, “White Flight”? Well, this is where they flew to. ;-)

      4. diespringerin sagt:

        Oh, I know such sterile places, too. Big houses, like castles, fortresses, with fences, Tujen hedges, shut down windows … cameras for protection …. oh my. And yes, I know “White flight” … all people want to live in the countryside, of course with all modern conveniences … hm …. where will all this lead to?

      5. Yes! Sterile is the word.

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