Der Weg, auf dem wir gehen / The Path We Walk On

Des Sommers Licht in einem Blatt, an einem Tag im Herbst gefallen. Es leuchtet in der Abenddämmerung für Dich. *** Summer’s Light in Autumn’s Leave. Fallen. Shining in the dawn of night right now for You.

Unverhohlen / Unconcealed (1)

Das Jahr schreitet fort. Und auf einmal stehst du nackt vor dem Ende dessen was du jemals geglaubt hast. Was folgt? Ein neues Jahr. Wenn du noch warten kannst. *** Year progesses. Suddenly you stand naked before the end of whatever you used to believe in. What follows? A New Year. If you can wait….

RegenHerbstTage / RainFallDays

Die Kälte hat sich über uns geworfen. Es regnet. Weint der Himmel, der Welten Seele, über, um uns? Die Farben versprechen soviel Licht & Wärme. Die langen Winternächte kommen. Dann erst folgt das Licht. *** The Cold threw itself upon us. It’s raining. Does Heaven, World’s Soul, Cry? Over, about us? The colours promise: Warmth…


  Do not ignore the signs. Miracles only happen when you see the abyss. Otherwise it would be just one incident more in a line of blindness. The world of beauty can be flushed down in a second. Take care! With love.      

Liebe, unsterblich.

Ach, ich liebe dich ich halte dich nicht fest nur an mein Herz für jetzt in Ewigkeit und lass dich los wie du dich schmiegst an mich und doch nicht hältst ***


She decided to walk on. And see the world as only she could see it. There was no other solution to solve the problem. No way to run away, no place to hide, everywhere she would go she would perceive reality just the way she was able to  recognize. And even if she went to…

Night Falls

shadow walker stands still in silent thought rider of electric ray runs like mercurian thief & gambler collect them both in your memory keep them save breathing city of ten million & more souls love world world’s love spread it receive it multiply multi play play play play pray my love my love my love…

Subway Passage

Sometimes there is only one single chance passed by it’s gone forever take it or leave it it’s as good as it can be mind you: you took a breath and a glance and your heart pumped blood through your veins forgotten moment but you were alive, very much alive.  

Wild Universe

Walking in a haze in her mind painting pictures sprung from night’s shadow and electric light never forgets universe’s energy the hawk & the eagle are still within her so are the wolf & also the buffalo …