Hidden Colours

The Light Is There. * E * Q * U  * I * L * I  * B * R * I * U * M *

Night Falls

shadow walker stands still in silent thought rider of electric ray runs like mercurian thief & gambler collect them both in your memory keep them save breathing city of ten million & more souls love world world’s love spread it receive it multiply multi play play play play pray my love my love my love…

Subway Passage

Sometimes there is only one single chance passed by it’s gone forever take it or leave it it’s as good as it can be mind you: you took a breath and a glance and your heart pumped blood through your veins forgotten moment but you were alive, very much alive.  


We are (in) the things we see within but mind you we all are in the midst of things so where is the centre? Exactly!

Wild Universe

Walking in a haze in her mind painting pictures sprung from night’s shadow and electric light never forgets universe’s energy the hawk & the eagle are still within her so are the wolf & also the buffalo …