Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp – This is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr (RIP Jeff Beck)

Marteria – Wald (Official Video)

Marteria – Wald (Official Video) English translation: [Lyrics to „Forest“] [Intro] The forest [Part 1: Marteria] No, I don’t run, I run Just thinking about you, wet sweaty hands Are so chic, your robinias wear white The greatest gift I can offer you right now is time I dive into your world, listen to you,…

Roo Panes – Childhood

Roo Panes – Childhood „Well if love’s the sun and truth’s the rain, Then mercy seasons growing pains, Yea things can leave an ugly stain, But everyday I’m young again.“ Roo Panes 🙏💗🌍

Die Contenance der Tänzerin / The Dancer’s Conentance

Das Leben ist ein Fest: 7 Jahre WordPress. Ein großes, herzliches Dankeschön an Euch 💗🌍🌎🌏🙏, der weltumspannenden WordPress-Gemeinde. Wir sind Teil der neuen Zeit, immer auch Vergangene. Lasst uns tanzen … / Life, a celebration: 7 years of WordPress. A big, heartfelt thank you to you 💗🌍🌎🌏🙏, the global WordPress community. We are part of…

John Frusciante – Dissolve

So powerful. Love you. John Frusciante – Dissolve Links: Website: http://johnfrusciante.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Johnfrusciante Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnfrusciante „Dissolve“ Lyrics: (Verse 1) Flat on your back Your senses are lost And you’re what you are, What you are Just ‚cause you mean What you say That’s not saying That you’re so far in the clean Nothings means anything….

Fade Into You · Mazzy Star

Fade Into You · Mazzy Star Eine Pause … habt noch einen schönen Sommer ❣ / A break … have a wonderful summer ❣

Nessi Gomes – All Related

Nessi Gomes – All Related Je mehr sie diese Welt auseinanderbrechen, zusammenstürzen, explodieren sah … erblickte sie das, was sie eigentlich zusammenhielt. / The more she saw this world break apart, collapse, explode … she beheld what actually held it together. /

The Mystic’s Dream by Loreena McKennitt

The Mystic’s Dream by Loreena McKennitt Ich bin da, wo Es mich will, mit dem, was ich brauche, was ich will. /I am where It wants me to be, with what I need, what I want to be.