Projekt: „Reisende in der Zeit“ – „Traveler in Time“ Teil/Part 8

Georg Danzer – Alles was i brauch

English translation of “All I Need” by Georg Danzer

at night a place to sleep
and during the day a clear view
something to believe and hope for
on the shoulders not too much weight

a guitar and something to write with
and a brain that works
to remember and to stay
that the future will be better

all for love and forgiveness
and a pure open heart
yes, a pure open heart
and a voice loud enough
that i sing against my pain

that’s all i need
that’s all I need
that’s all i need
… all i need

few people, long roads
and a sky above me
sturdy shoes and wide pants
now and then a look from you

and my faith in humanity
even when things are not going well
even when things are not going well
and enough courage and dignity
when it comes to dying

that is all i need
that’s all I need
that’s all I need
… everything I need

that’s all i need …

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Hab keine Angst vor einem Ende. Die Wege zweier Menschen trennen sich nach langer Zeit, was bleibt, ist unendlich.

Es ändern sich Formen, Lebendigkeit dehnt sich immer aus, füllt den Raum und erweitert ihn stetig.


Do not be afraid of an end. The ways of two people separate after a long time, what remains is infinite.

Shapes change, vitality always expands, fills the space and constantly expands it.

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