Ghosts and Memories

_DSC4424 (2)Desperate ghosts on benches

watching out

for far away lovers

recalling memories

of kisses and vows

sweet sighs and honeyfilled moans

dreaming of being alive


and touches so soft

bodies melting away

as if they were

a river

or leaves on the water


towards the big big sea

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  1. JC sagt:

    Wonderful poem. Thank you for visiting my site, it’s very much appreciated… jc.

    1. Thank you so much! And I thank YOU for visiting MY site, such a pleasure to meet you!

  2. Morgan sagt:

    Hi i am Morgan, a very nice blog you have

    1. Hi Morgan, thank you for passing by :o) … nice to meet you!

      1. Morgan sagt:

        You’re welcome nice to meet you too :)

      2. :o) Have a very good day for writing :o)

      3. Morgan sagt:

        Thank you, too you as well blessings to you

  3. annwjwhite sagt:

    There is a quality to rain,
    When your heart is low
    When the desire to breathe
    Wanes and the tides of death
    Want to intervene.
    We forget the lost ones
    The ones with no hope,
    With no love,
    With no dreams left.
    It takes so little to hold on,
    To give a hug to a stranger who
    Needs to be hugged.
    But empty time fills the hopeless,
    Change is not inevitable,
    The void of contact into that dark hole
    In the center of my heart
    Overwhelms and ties my hands
    But the water calls.
    Water for cleansing,
    For growth.
    How I wish for a storm!

    1. How beautiful and true! You really touch me. Thank you so much, I would like to give you a big hug! Silvia

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