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  1. nickreeves sagt:

    Wow! Wonderful!
    Is ‘waldeinsamkeit’ a similar feeling? Or something else all together?
    Welcome spring!

    1. diespringerin sagt:

      I am not quite sure, I think it depends in what kind of categories Jonna Jinton thinks respekctively thinks, or whether you mean that term simply lerally or in the romantic contet…. :) I simply love it and am very happy you like it , too …. ! Yes, welcome spring! Cheers to you, greetings from the Viennese Forest!

      1. nickreeves sagt:

        Happy easter, too!

      2. diespringerin sagt:

        Oh my, sorry for the many mistakes in my reply,that was due to my missing looking glasses and my broken keyboard ;) … I hope, it still made SOME sense ;) !!!!

      3. nickreeves sagt:

        Lol! I thought it would involve glasses! I had to put mine on…but it still made the same sense! ;)
        I shall watch some Jonna Jinton. Thank you.

      4. diespringerin sagt:

        It was supposed to be: … categories Jonna Jinton thinks respekctively lives, or whether you mean that term simply literally or in the romantic context…. :) …. oh, my oh my … sorry again!

      5. nickreeves sagt:

        Hm, I mean both really. Or somewhere in-between. It’s a curious phrase to me; quite magical.

      6. diespringerin sagt:

        Oh yes it is :) … Life is magical … isn’ it? If we allow ourself to realize ….

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