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  1. Oh, James Dean … :o) … Yes … but wich one??? Giants?

  2. For Jordan , a movie with James Dean and Foster for Jodie …!!!

  3. And we did not do it intentionally … !!!

  4. And who or what were / was the inspiration?

  5. Nice :o), Janis, Jordan and Jodie!!!

  6. Our eldest is a boy, Jordan and the last is Jodie … !

  7. :o) Very good inspiration? And the other two?

  8. :o) that’s nice :o) was Janis Joplin the inspiration?

  9. We have three grown children, our first daughter’s name JANIS … !!!

  10. Oh danke dir! :o) Froit mich, dass es dir gefällt !

  11. teekay1st sagt:

    Ein wunderschönes Foto

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