A couple of days ago I received information from WordPress that I had registered a year ago. I remember: I had the idea of just have a look on it. I only knew I wanted to do something creative. But I did not have a single glue what would become out of my first few lines I wrote. I just wanted to help my inner artist to find her way into the world. So I created “diespringerin”, without photos, without concept.

I started off with a bold and maybe even arrogant sounding declaration: “This window is in progress. Please be patient. IT WILL BE WORTH WAITING.”

Then: nothing happened, I could not write anything for another three months, out of many reasons, mostly because of health problems.

Eventually during the last days of 2015 a breakthrough happened, I started writing regularely. Still with no concept, no photos added. And you know what?


I had no idea how this thing worked in the background. I was reading other blogs, liked, followed, like I did before. 

That was allright for me. WordPress was a kind of training camp for me concerning technological things. I just wanted to try out online writing. Just for myself. Without any pressure to perform whatever I might have thought would have been expected  … that had made me ill – I wanted to get out of that thinking and never wished to return to that place …. 

And then it happened: THE VERY FIRST LIKE!

It turned up out of literally nothing. COMPLETELY unexpected. I felt like Robinson Crusoe, finding the first human footprints on his famous island’s beach after years of lonliness. Honestly. I was completely beside myself out of joy. And then the second like. The third.


Other Followers and Likes followed … arrived like messages from out of space, different universes … and went right into my heart like arrows of hope.

I was part of IT. I was full of bliss. Complete strangers, human beings from afar were reading and enjoying MY writing! 

I was doing one blissfull (mentally, of course) somersault on the ground after the other. It was great to know: I had readers! And people liked my photos, once I started adding them to my posts. 

My full mouthed declaration it would be worth waiting was true: it definitely was for ME. I want to thank you all, I have learned so much during this time and was such a great joy doing so. And still is.

I still have no glue where all this will lead me. I keep on stepping this path and try to preserve the beginner’s spirit, though of course I try to handle technology, to use it in a manner filled with sense.

Everything is new and interesting. All things are passing. We are only passengers, nothing belongs to us in real, and because of that we own everything.

I am still on a pilgrimage, that was the beginning of this blog. I don’t know whether I will “arrive”, I am already there.

I do have followers, I get likes. Wonderful. How many? Doesn’t matter, they became and maybe still will become more. That makes me VERY happy, of course. If you write, take photographs and go public you WANT to be seen, heard, perceived. You WANT to show. 

But I do not count the numbers. WordPress’s statistics does that for me, but the numbers are not essential. The soul behind the numbers ARE the more. My blog blooms in the still and sometimes the sun is shining on it. Actually, the sun is always shining on it because I have readers all over the world – when I sleep, somebody reads and looks at my lines and pictures. 

THANK YOU!!!! :o) SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!


My journey goes on …. 

Yours, from and with all my heart,



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  1. annwjwhite sagt:

    I’ll tell you a secret. A year ago I did the same thing. The joy it has brought me is also tremendous. I no longer feel so alone in the world for the human contact has made me realize how wonderful people really are. Thanks for becoming a friend. Ann

    1. Thank YOU, dear Ann! What a wonderful world (of blogger) …. :o)

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