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  1. I am a naive romantic. But really the alternative is not worth considering. How is the emotional climate in Austria after the election?

    1. Quiet somehow. We wait and watch what happens. They are talking now about new coalitions … that usually takes some time …

  2. Yes, I agree. Fear is a great deterrent to our ability to love one another. I use the word ‘love’ in the way Christians and other religious types are supposed to use it. If cannot replace hate with love I don’t have much hope for the good of the world. I remain optimistic in spite of guns, war and politics.

    1. As long there are loving souls in this world there is hope. :o) …

  3. I love this photograph and the story it tells. We would all benefit from paying attention to the secret teachers.

    1. I think, it’s like a sometimes unsettling look into a mirror … the more we don’t take a heart to look, the more unsettling the fears become.

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