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  1. Zum in der Schleife-Hören schön (oder heißt es Schlaufe???) Danke!!!

  2. Beautiful tribute to one of nature’s creatures, poor thing. His little spirit flies beyond…. 💕

  3. “I owe you a eulogy. There wasn’t the chance to see you leave,
    to hold you while still full, or even empty – to bear witness to
    the bond between the two…”
    I am sorry to post another fragment of a poem but this seems relevant to your beautiful words honoring this magnificent creature.
    I wonder if it is usual for animals to die alone. If so, this is another indictment against whatever fool created this flawed world. No creature should die alone.

    1. As far as I know they withdraw (both my cats came, though. One died on my chest). But that’s something different than to die alone because noone cares. Every soul is precious.

    2. And thank you for those beautiful lines, they fit perfectly!

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