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  1. Very interesting photograph…as always. Is this about religious reformation or political reformation? Well, actually there isn’t a difference is there? They are one and the same thing.

    1. It’s 500 years ago (really already THAT long???) that Martin Luther published his 95 theses … a protestant friend of mine was singing in choir there (they sang also Händel’s „Halleluja“, so beautiful!), that was why I went there. A famous Austrian actor was also reading Martin Luther King’s famous speech, that was gorgeous! Very touching …

      1. MLK’s „I have a dream“ speech? Oh, what a powerful and truly beautiful speech by such an inspirational leader of people.
        Yes I should have known it was the Protestant Reformation, it was/is such a landmark in western history.
        Every time I hear the „Hallelujah Chorus“ I cry with joy for the beauty of that music.
        Here’s one more thing about me, I once studied to become a Catholic priest. But fortunately I met my wife before going too far.

      2. I know a woman who was married to a former catholic priest, …

      3. At the time I was struggling to decide if I believed in any of it. Luckily my now wife put an end to the discussion. =)

      4. Sometimes it takes two for one decision :o) —

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