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  1. Lovely, is this found fruit? Where do you go to find such luscious delights laying about?

    1. Yes, found and picked from the ground it had been fallen on. So: REALLY ripe fruit, and not yet touched by worms, birds or any other animal or insect. Found in the garden of a monastry in the countryside … and it tasted deliciously :o) !!!

      1. The most delicious fruit I have ever had came from a Japanese plum tree I found in an old garden. I used to pick up the plums with my son and have a feast. Also true with pecans that fall from the tree, although one must wrestle with the squirrels to get them. =)

      2. Like the one from Ice Age? :o) I love that squirrel …

      3. Oh yes! The best squirrel ever!

  2. Zum Reinbeißen schön :-)

    1. Es war sooooo lecker, dieses gefallene Früchtchen ;o) ….

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