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  1. Freiheit und sicherheit. Das ist ein interessantes thema worüber viel gedacht und geschrieben ist 🙂

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    1. Sogar an Häuserwände :o) ! – Beides kostbares Gut, und ich glaube, Sicherheit gibt es nur, wo es echte Freiheit gibt. Aber was bedeutet das schon „echte Freiheit“ ;o) …. ? Herzliche Grüße!

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  2. Just a few thoughts about security and freedom…There is nothing like the freedom most people think we have, it is a myth, still in order to maintain our sanity and our society we must live as if we have free will. Freedom is a game of the imagination. Imagination is what stands between us and A Brave New World. As for security, it is a necessary evil in a world where so many minds are poisoned by the lies of religion, politics and race. In a world where human is pitted against human for basic necessities security becomes a proxy for freedom. When security becomes the freedom you seek you are ready for The Brave New World.

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    1. Yes, Ron. But … as we are able to imagine … there MUST be freedom, after all. But … it’s different to the things we can imagine just as love starts where expectations find their limits … and love jumps over the fence into the wild land. And no. It’s not romantic. It can be very fierce, can’t it?

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  3. Yes, fierce indeed.

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