Voller Wunder, die Welt / Full of Wonder, This World Is

Lila Wald © Silvia Springer
© Silvia Springer

Betrete ihre Kathedrale mit Achtung,

liebe die Ameise, der Adler dient ihr.

Du glaubst an Hierarchie?

Es gibt nur

die Wirklichkeit.


Enter its cathedral with awe,

love the ant, the eagle is servant.

You still believe

in hierarchy?

There is



© Silvia Springer





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  1. intrepid8 sagt:

    Gut gemachten! I can relate to this well. Reality doesn’t bend to our will or hierarchy.

    Dank fürs den Beitrag.

    1. diespringerin sagt:

      Thank you :o)! Sorry, your comment somehow landed in the spam file, so I just found it … Thank you for passing by!

  2. diespringerin sagt:


  3. I love your woods Silvia 💚 sending joy Hedy 🤗

    1. diespringerin sagt:

      Took that photo just before I turned my ankle 🤪, but the light and air were so lovely, and my ankle will be alright soon☺️💖 thank you, Hedy, that makes me happy! Have a great day, lots of love and stay healthy! silvia

      1. yes❣️you too Silvia 💪 ❣️

  4. Ann WJ White sagt:

    You give me light in a dark time.

    1. diespringerin sagt:

      Ohhhhh, your comment really made my day!!!!! Thank you, dear Ann! Take good care and be safe! 💖🤗

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