Holy Water and Rebirthing Butterfly

This journey has changed my life. I became new, I found my place, I found my love, I found my destiny. 

I have no idea what happens next. But I know, I just have to breath, to take one step after the other, I can wait and see and trust. 

Faith: lost and found, at last.

Religion? No. Spirit. Always there, never ceased to be.

Soul has no place, its home is with Spirit.

Spirit: Everywhere. 

We are the Carriers of Spirit. That’s our task, our responsibilty. When we remember that, Spirit will be everywhere, if we forget, it’s like the night hiding the world. World is still there. Spirit will always be. It’s us who forget. So, let’s remember, remember, remember …

Love life, love the world, and you will be loved. 


2 Photos taken by wildmanpoet ( https://wildmanpoet.wordpress.com/ ) … thank you so much!


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